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About Us

A little bit about ORA Dog Training.

About Us: ORA Dog Training offers world class professional dog training for all breeds and ages of dogs. The core philosophy — Obedience, Relationship, and Affection. My mission is to help you build a strong relationship between you and your dog based on obedience and affection. 

About Us

Ora Dog Training: About The Head Trainer

Bijan Samawat is a native of Berlin, Germany. He has been training people and dogs in a variety of capacities over his career. Bijan is a graduate of the International School for Dog Trainers, where he learned a host of dog training disciplines with a primary focus on pet dogs and family companions.

Bijan Samawat Owner and Head Trainer of ORA Dog Training

Continuing his education, Bijan studied under James Hamm (International School for Dog Trainers / Lonestar Dog Trainer) and Josh Donahue (Argo Dogworks). Additionally, Bijan has continued K9 education courses with Chad Mackin and Tyler Muto. Their specialty is dealing with difficult and challenging companion dogs.

Furthermore, Bijan is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professions. He also has attended over 20 seminars from the industry’s top professionals at IACP conferences. Plus, a Duke University Course on K9 Cognition and Emotion to further develop his knowledge, skills, and ability of dog training to assist families with their pets.

Bijan gained continued experience in rescue and shelter dogs with Brooklyn Badass Animal Rescue in New York City — running a foster program and adoptive support services. Bijan has trained the staff at the Big Dog Ranch Rescue in West Palm Beach, Florida to handle dogs safely and care for them while in transition.

He has trained adoptive families with their shelter and rescue dogs to overcome past issues and behavioral challenges. Enabling them to live a peaceful and enjoyable life.

On a personal note, Bijan enjoys salsa dancing and teaches the Brazilian Martial Art of Jiu-Jitsu as an instructor in Gracie Barra.

After moving to West Palm Beach, Florida from New York City, Bijan established ORA Dog Training to support dog owners across Florida.

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