Puppy Training

Training for dogs under 5 months of age.

Puppy training should begin the moment you bring it home. Reinforcing training for your dog then continues over their entire life span. It is important to begin dog training as early as possible to avoid unwanted behaviors begin to establish themselves.

This 4 week training program is conducted privately in your home for puppies under 5 months of age. My main focus with puppy training is teaching them to live obediently in our homes. Housebreaking is one of my main priorities followed closely by social behavior, confidence building, building a tolerance to touch, handling, and eliminating puppy biting including destructive behavior.

During your puppies training lessons, we will work on building a puppy that is confident, social, pleasant, quiet, relaxed, fun and not vocal, destructive, nipping, fearful, anti-social or pees and poops anywhere in your house.

By shaping the right behaviors and creating good habits in our young puppies we can avoid problems entirely instead of trying to fix them over the lifetime of our dog that really began in puppyhood. 

I will  introduce puppies to the basic commands including sit, down, here and heel. When working with your puppy I shape the behavior while keeping the training fun so your pup doesn’t even realize he/she is “working”. This way we build good habits which can then be refined and polished as the pup matures.

The fundamentals of the puppy training lessons include the following.

In addition to the afore mentioned, puppy training lessons also introduces the following.

  • Obedience ( Sit, Down, Here, Heel and Place)
  • Games:  Frisbee, Tug, Retrieving and Agility
  • Socialization with puppies and adult dogs at the end of each session.
  • Tactical experiences building confidence on a variety of item surfaces & shapes including agility and confidence building equipment. 

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