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Training starts the moment you meet your pup. The earlier you begin the faster you get to the good life you want.  Training does have stages such as puppy, adolescent and rehabilitation. Your dogs age and challenges have an impact on training but it can begin as early as 6 weeks and up to senior dogs. The strategy may be different but good training is good training regardless of age. We customize the approach based on you and your dog.

Dog training is a combination of six key elements. Knowledge, skill, ability, patience, clarity and repetition.

In Private lessons I am your coach and you are your dogs trainer. Your dog improves the more you train so your dedication and consistency is the true determining factor.

In Residency training I train the dog and the general time frame is usually 21 days but in this scenario I am responsible for your dogs overall performance and you are responsible for maintenance and sustainment of what your dog learns in training.

Training works through two basic strategies.

Train the trainer where I teach, coach and mentor you to work with your dog in stages or sessions.  This approach helps you develop and improve as a direct participant in training.

Residency training is an option where the dog leaves your home to learn in an immersive, structured and consistent environment where training is everything and everything is training.

The choice between the two strategies is often dependent upon time available, primary challenges and cost.

The crate is a key tool to implement structure, rules and boundaries. It is a great way to teach potty training and work on separation anxiety. The crate will be your dog’s kingdom where it sleeps, eats, plays with toys and has a safe quiet place.

The remote collar is not a training method.  It is simply another training tool which allows a level of precision communication between trainer/owner and dog that is not possible with other training strategies. This is especially true at distance and distraction. I use a style called E-Touch developed by Martin Deeley. E-Touch gently applies modern technology to aid in timing, precision, communication and overall training quality with your dog.  The e collar is not the trainer, you and I train the dog in accordance with an overall training strategy including food, toys, games, leash guidance but the e collar helps us do this faster with clearer communication to your dog.

Every dog and situation is unique and we have a program for just about every scenario. Cost is based on each of our level of involvement and responsibility along with the overall time frame required to meet your goals and reach the dogs training potential.  You find the different programs we offer in detail on our services page.

We use food, toys, training collars, slip leads and e-collars during training. We use what best motivates your dog to learn quickly and effectively.  Usually a combination of methods yields the best result. Your dog has a vote in how training progresses because there is no one size fits all training strategy.

Training guarantees are difficult to provide. There are so many variables involved but I can guarantee my level of commitment to help you achieve your goals both in planning and in practice will be solid and steadfast.

You play a huge role in your dogs overall potential, especially so in private lessons as I am your coach, and you are your dogs trainer. I promise you a solid training plan, clear instruction, answers to your questions and continuing support as needed.

Our private lessons are done in and around West Palm Beach area. Including Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington and Delray Beach.

We do dog training sessions all around Middle and South Florida. This includes the counties of: 

Martin County

St. Lucie County

Palm Beach County

Miami-Dade County

Monroe County

Collier County

Glades County

Charlotte County

Okeechobee County

Highlands County

Desoto County

Sarasota County

Manatee County

Indian River County

Broward County

Orange County

Hendry County

Lee County

Hardee County

Pinellas County

Osceola County

Polk County

Hillsborough County


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