Residency ‘Board and Train’ Program

Recommended Program for Dogs Over 5 Months

A comprehensive 21 day "board and train" obedience program.

It takes 21 days to create a habit for your dog. If you lead a busy life, lack the time or patience, and/or would like to fast forward a good dog into an obedient one, the board and train program is right for you. 

The Residency “Board and Train Program” program is open to all serious Florida dog owners. Bring your dog to me, and I will return to you an obedient and well trained dog in 3 weeks.

Benefits ​

Advantages of Our Residency Program

Faster Results

Your dog learns directly from a professional and receives several hours of hands-on training each day. In total your dog will get between 90 and 120 hours of contact training time during his or her stay.

Immersive Learning

Your dog spends the entire day in a controlled and structured environment where every decision is guided and reinforced. Many dogs find this type of environment to be therapeutic.

Worry Free

You allow me to work through the challenging early stages of training and the tedious repetition that you may not have time to consistently apply.

Enhanced Customization

The amount of time I spend with your dog in the Residency program allows me to get to know him/her on a much deeper level. This way I can develop specific strategies and exercises directly targeted toward each individual. This is especially valuable in difficult behavioral cases.

Reduces correction

By teaching desired behaviors and exercising large numbers of repetition, this training extinguishes problematic behavior without conflict or stress.

I train your dog various obedience concepts and commands to an off leash level and work with your dog to polish those skills to perfection. I then teach YOU in a private send home lesson when your dog is ready to return home to you. Additionally, I provide continued support for as long as you own your dog .

It’s important to note that I do not operate as a dog training contractor for a dog training chain brand or operate a facility. This is a key component with regards to the level of professionalism, training, and care your dog will receive.

During the Residency ‘Board and Train’ Program, your dog will reside with my family and I in a secure, comfortable, and air conditioned space outfitted specifically for dogs. This allows your dog to be socialized with various people, trainers, and other dogs inside and outside the home.

During your dogs stay, he/she will learn how to behave and obey commands in the home and in public places, including restaurants and stores that allow dogs, parks and plazas and when interacting with adults, children.

I address problematic behaviors and give you a break — reducing stress for you, your family and your dog. 

Throughout the entirety of the program, you will be able to monitor your dog’s progress with video clips sent directly to you of various training sessions. This enables you to see along the way the exceptional progress your pup is making.

Eliminate Bad Behavior​

Your Dog Will Learn To Stop Practicing The Following 

Majestic dog embodying the strength and grace nurtured through Ora Dog Training's comprehensive programs in South Florida.

Obedience Commands

Majestic dog embodying the strength and grace nurtured through Ora Dog Training's comprehensive programs in South Florida.

Off Leash Compliance

Majestic dog embodying the strength and grace nurtured through Ora Dog Training's comprehensive programs in South Florida.

And Much More

The Residency Program is my #1 program and is what I do day in and day out. This program is highly in demand and availability is limited. In order to enroll in the program, I will evaluate your dogs behavior and/or interview you to determine if this is the right option to address your issues or achieve your goals.   

Graduation from this program is not the end of your dogs training. If your dog has/had serious issues, I may ask you to follow additional instruction and guidance to further refine the last 15%. As a serious dog owner who opts for professional dog training, you must be willing commit time to improving your dogs behavior. 

This program works! It will work to help you achieve more control and less chaos in your home with serious issues including aggression, anxiety and fear. I will guide you throughout the entire process and follow up with support after the program has been completed.

Structure, fairness, consistency, guidance, direction and exercise are the ingredients for success. I show you how to apply each one correctly, achieve your goals and build a stronger relationship with your dog that you will appreciate for a lifetime. 

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