Private Dog Training Lessons

I come to you — one on one in-home lessons.

We offer private dog training lessons for owners interested in an in home owner to dog approach. Gain control while being coached through the process in your dogs home environment. Learn how to utilize and implement the ORA Dog Training techniques on your own.

In this 4- 8 week program, I will train you and your dog out and about and in your dogs natural environment.

In these private dog training lessons, I will teach standard obedience commands (sit, down, here/come, place), on leash heeling (walking nicely on a leash), and work towards off-leash control in various environments.  

The main difference with private lessons (as opposed to the Residency ‘Board and Train’ Program) is that YOU ARE YOUR DOG’s TRAINER — I will serve as your dog training coach and teacher. I guide as you train your dog and will help you to perform the lessons. This program is recommended for dog owners who have the time and patience to follow through by committing the necessary discipline to achieve your goals and fix issues between lessons.  

In private lessons you and I will address the following.

Private dog training lessons will help you develop a strong relationship with your dog based in effective communication and help you nurture your dog into the family pet you truly want. 

Please note that private lessons are not for serious cases of aggression. If your dog shows serious dog aggression, human or children aggression, has attacked or bitten another dog, cat, adult or child, I will need to work with such dog more intensely, and hence I recommend the more comprehensive Residency ‘Board and Train’ Program.

The same is true of severe confinement phobias, separation anxiety or fear cases.

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