Dog Training Services

Dog training programs for Central and South Florida dog owners.

Whether you have a young puppy that you want to start off on the right paw or you have and older dog you want to teach some new tricks — big, small, we train them all. At the core of the ORA training philosophy — obedience, relationship, and affection.

My training method is designed to work on your dog’s state of mind, which we achieve by implementing structure, rules and boundaries. Even in urban environments with endless distractions every day, you’ll be able to see and feel the positive effects of having a well-trained dog.

Take a look at our world class dog training services below to discover which program might suit you and your dogs needs best.

Recommended for Dogs Over 5 Months

Residency 'Board and Train' Program

If you lead a very busy life, lack the time or patience to deal with your dog or you have a good dog and want a great dog the comprehensive Residency program is for you. I can help you develop a pet who is a happy and polite member of your family that you will be proud to call YOUR dog! My Residency program teaches your dog in real world situations with other dogs inside and outside the home. This program is open to all Florida dog owners.    

Private Dog Training Lessons

Private dog training lessons entail me coming to your home, where your dog lives and practices unwanted behaviors. I will teach you and your family how to create the obedient companion dog you want. 

In home dog training may consist of a single visit or a series of visits based on you and your dogs unique needs. 

Private dog training lessons (or “in home dog training lessons”) will enable you to gain control of your home, reduce the chaos and stress and enjoy the company of your dog.


Puppy Training Lessons

Puppy training should begin the moment you bring it home. Reinforcing training for your dog then continues over their entire life span. It is important to begin dog training as early as possible to avoid unwanted behaviors begin to establish themselves.

My main focus with puppy training is teaching them to live obediently in our homes. Housebreaking is one of my main priorities followed closely by social behavior, confidence building, building a tolerance to touch, handling, and eliminating puppy biting including destructive behavior.

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