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A joyous family proudly displaying their Ora Dog Training certificate alongside their beloved dog, celebrating shared achievements in South Florida.

'In Home' Lessons

In this 4- 8 week program, I will train you and your dog out and about and in your dogs natural environment. Gain control while being coached through the process in your dogs home environment. Learn how to utilize and implement the ORA Dog Training techniques on your own.

Trainer conducting a group obedience class with a diverse mix of dogs in South Florida.

'Board & Train'

Did you know it takes 21 days for your dog to create a habit?
If you lead a busy life, lack the time and/or patience and would like to fast forward a good dog into an obedient one, this program is for you. Bring your dog to me, and I will return to you an obedient and well trained dog in 3 weeks.

Training session with a joyful dog, showcasing the bond between dog and trainer in South Florida.

Puppy Training

This 4 week training program is conducted privately in your home for puppies under 5 months of age. It's important to begin training as early as possible to avoid common mistakes and before unwanted behaviors begin and establish.


Bijan Samawat Owner and Head Trainer of ORA Dog Training

Bijan Samawat, Owner & Head Trainer

South Florida based ORA Dog Training offers professional dog training for all breeds and ages. The foundation on which our training philosophy is built are our core pillars — Obedience, Relationship, and Affection.

I’ll expertly train your dog and guide you on how to manage your dog, maintain obedience, plus build and develop the best relationship possible.

In our initial phone consultation, we will discuss your goals, issues and expectations to individually tailor to best program for owner and dog.

When you learn how to communicate with your dog, and there are boundaries and rules set in place, you’ll be able to create a relaxed environment for everyone.

We offer dog training services across the state of Florida including but not limited to Palm Beach County, Martin County, Orange County, Broward County, Miami Dade County, Monroe County, Collier County and beyond. Cities include Palm Beach, Palm Beach Island, Orlando, Tampa, Wellington, Boca Raton, Coral Spring, Parkland, Fort Lauderdale, Key Biscanye, Pinecrest, Fort Myers, Vero Beach, Naples, Marco Island, Key West, Melbourne and beyond.

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Training session with a joyful dog, showcasing the bond between dog and trainer in South Florida.


Having your dog follow all your commands does not only impress your family and friends but it also increases the quality of your every day life together.

Inquisitive dog, a model of curiosity and engagement, thriving under the guidance of Ora Dog Training's expert trainers.


Through rules and boundaries we give our dog the structure and guidance they need to trust us in every situation or life and to keep a calm state of mind.

Training session with a joyful dog, showcasing the bond between dog and trainer in South Florida.


Food, toys and love are great tools to make your dog want to work for and with you. Finding the right motivator and creating a value is the key to success.

"Bijan is the best dog trainer in Florida!"


Bijan is the best dog trainer in Florida! You can tell he loves what he does and it’s reflected in his results. We are so excited to continue working and building on this incredible foundation he’s laid for us.

-Susi, West Palm Beach

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Training session with a joyful dog, showcasing the bond between dog and trainer in South Florida.


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